Unlike many of our competitors, JLH prepares a detailed written report in narrative form for each of our customers and can either e-mail, fax, or hand deliver them to you as needed, usually within twenty-four hours. The report is brief, but very thorough; it is not a pre-printed 'fill-in-the-blank' form.

A JLH inspection covers most everything included in the purchase of your home:

• Interior • Roof • Exterior
• Appliances • Windows & Doors • Attic
• Electrical Service • Basement/Crawlspace • Plumbing
• Garage • Heating and Cooling Systems

*Sprinkler system and in ground pool inspection can also been included for a small additional fee (See 'Rates')

In addition, JLH offers the following to inspection clients, free of charge:
- Estimates for costs of major repairs, upon request.
- Radon, asbestos, lead-based paints, mold and infestation information, upon request, or as applicable.

Private consultations are available, and as a client, you are welcome to call with any questions that you may have.